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Wear a Thobe and Give a Nod to Bethlehem

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The Holy Land Gift Shop carries a unique form of Palestinian clothing for women: the thobe, which when translated, literally means “dress.” This version is a bit shorter than a traditional thobe (shown above) but has the same style of traditional embroidery worn in the region of Bethlehem where it’s hand-stitched at the Arab [...]

The Christmas Tradition of Putting Baby Jesus in the Manger

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From WhyChristmas.com Porcelain Baby Jesus similar to those sold at the Holy Land Gift Shop. One of the most important ways of celebrating Christmas in Italy is with the Nativity scene. Recreating the Nativity to help tell the Christmas story was made very popular by St. Francis of [...]

Turkish (Coffee) Delight

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A Turkish Coffee Review with Tommy Tighe Tommy Tighe, humorist and Catholic author, also known as The Catholic Hipster, agreed to test the Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop’s Turkish Coffee. Tommy’s thoughts on the Holy Land Gift Shop’s Orient Mill Turkish Coffee? 3 THUMBS UP!! Here is a little more from Tommy and his [...]

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Sumac Spice

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Sumac Spice Guest Post from Catholic Blog, Between the Linens Before the beginning of Lent, Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop offered to send me a bag of sumac, a Middle Eastern spice, in exchange for a post about the spice and our Catholic faith. Their mission is to bring the pilgrimage to those of us that can not [...]

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