Olive Wood Nutcracker

Olive Wood Nutcracker


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In stock


When small hands are fidgety, let your children go nuts!  Kids can learn to crack walnuts, peanuts, and many other kinds of nuts with this screw-operated olive wood nutcracker.  Children can enjoy the fruits of their labor as a snack, serve them to guests, or add them to favorite recipes.

Large and easy-to-grasp knob is perfect for small hands.  Messes are mitigated by the nutcracker’s deep bowl which catches most shells.  

Measures 4 ½” long.

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Olive Wood cleaning instructions:

To clean or wash your olive wood products do so only by hand and with warm water and soap.

Never submerge your olive wood product in water and do not put items in the dishwasher.

After drying, the wood may look dull and may appear like it is losing its grain. This is natural and can be corrected by lightly coating the item with olive oil.