Olive Wood Lemon Squeezer

Olive Wood Lemon Squeezer


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In stock


A lemon press is an essential gadget for every kitchen.  Make homemade lemonade or juice an easy and fun process with this lemon squeezer handmade from pure olive wood.

Made from 100% natural products with no paint additives or chemicals.  6” long.

Care instructions: Keep your olive wood objects a long time by washing them quickly after each use with mild soapy water.  Rinse and dry them immediately.  Freshen them from time to time with a soft cloth moistened with olive oil.  Do not soak.  Hand wash only.  

Every purchase made at The Holy Land Gift Shop supports Christian families in the Holy Land.

Olive Wood cleaning instructions:

To clean or wash your olive wood products do so only by hand and with warm water and soap.

Never submerge your olive wood product in water and do not put items in the dishwasher.

After drying, the wood may look dull and may appear like it is losing its grain. This is natural and can be corrected by lightly coating the item with olive oil.