Holy Land Olive Oil in 500ml bottle

Holy Land Olive Oil in 500ml bottle

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Many families in the Holy Land have their own olive trees and use them for a variety of things –  cooking, medicine, beauty care, and lighting lamps.  In Scripture, we read of anointing with oil, and the Church uses olive oil at the Chrism Mass during Holy Week when the special oils used in the Church are blessed (Oil of the Sick and Oil of the Catechumen) or consecrated (Oil of the Chrism).

The olive tree originated in the Holy Land.  Its wood and fruit have been mainstays in the region for thousands of years.  This virgin olive oil, used for cooking, is part of a time-honored tradition known for its good taste and rich aroma of Palestinian black olives.  Its robust flavor is perfect for cooking with fish and meats, but it is also excellent for drizzling on fresh foods at your next gathering.

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