The Christmas Tradition of Putting Baby Jesus in the Manger

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From Porcelain Baby Jesus similar to those sold at the Holy Land Gift Shop. One of the most important ways of celebrating Christmas in Italy is with the Nativity scene. Recreating the Nativity to help tell the Christmas story was made very popular by St. Francis of [...]

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How You Use Incense at Home

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"I have cried to Thee, O Lord, hear me: hearken to my voice, when I cry to Thee. Let my prayer be directed as incense in Thy sight; the lifting up of my hands, as evening sacrifice." Psalm 140:1-2 We see incense used in the Catholic Mass and ceremonies regularly, but did you [...]

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6 Amazing Health Benefits of Local, Raw Honey

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A beekeeper checks the health of a hive in the Franciscan Monastery apiary in Washington, DC. There are many reasons to love the honey from the Franciscan Monastery. Besides being delicious, there are health benefits to raw honey, especially if you live in the area where it’s harvested. Healthy lifestyle [...]

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The Important Role of Holy Land Relics: Blessing vs Worship

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“Catholics venerate relics”, Bishop Edward Braxton of Belleville, Illinois, in an All Saints’ Day reflection in 2015, said, “not because of a macabre preoccupation with the great mystery of death, but because of our timeless faith in the great mystery of the Incarnation.” Adoration is rendered to God alone, Bishop Braxton said. Respectful veneration [...]

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Mother-of-Pearl: The Holy Land Connection

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Mother-of-Pearl (MOP) carving has been a Bethlehem tradition since the art was introduced to the city by Franciscan friars from Damascus during the 15th century. According to the Custody of the Holy Land, the Franciscan friars brought skillful artists from Italy who worked in the craft, and the sons of Bethlehem learned and excelled [...]

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Olive Oil: 5 More Household Uses

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Cradle Cap Image Courtesy, PublicDomainPictures For cradle cap, WebMd recommends, “if you want to use something, try applying a little olive oil twice a day, let it sit for a few minutes, then brush off the flakes.” Joint Pain Image Courtesy, WolfBlur [...]

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A Gift Shop with a Mission

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Supporting Holy Land Christian Artisans The Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop features unique, handcrafted, fair trade products made by Christian artisans in the Holy Land. Purchases made through the ever expanding online gift shop help support these artisans and their families to live and thrive in the region. All of the artisans are fairly [...]

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Turkish (Coffee) Delight

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A Turkish Coffee Review with Tommy Tighe Tommy Tighe, humorist and Catholic author, also known as The Catholic Hipster, agreed to test the Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop’s Turkish Coffee. Tommy’s thoughts on the Holy Land Gift Shop’s Orient Mill Turkish Coffee? 3 THUMBS UP!! Here is a little more from Tommy and his [...]

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Sumac Spice

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Sumac Spice Guest Post from Catholic Blog, Between the Linens Before the beginning of Lent, Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop offered to send me a bag of sumac, a Middle Eastern spice, in exchange for a post about the spice and our Catholic faith. Their mission is to bring the pilgrimage to those of us that can not [...]

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