Olive Oil: 5 More Household Uses

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Cradle Cap Image Courtesy, PublicDomainPictures For cradle cap, WebMd recommends, “if you want to use something, try applying a little olive oil twice a day, let it sit for a few minutes, then brush off the flakes.” Joint Pain Image Courtesy, WolfBlur [...]

A Gift Shop with a Mission

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Supporting Holy Land Christian Artisans The Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop features unique, handcrafted, fair trade products made by Christian artisans in the Holy Land. Purchases made through the ever expanding online gift shop help support these artisans and their families to live and thrive in the region. All of the artisans are fairly [...]

Turkish (Coffee) Delight

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A Turkish Coffee Review with Tommy Tighe Tommy Tighe, humorist and Catholic author, also known as The Catholic Hipster, agreed to test the Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop’s Turkish Coffee. Tommy’s thoughts on the Holy Land Gift Shop’s Orient Mill Turkish Coffee? 3 THUMBS UP!! Here is a little more from Tommy and his [...]

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Olive Oil Uses

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Olive oil not only adds peppery fruitiness to your favorite meals, but it is also very helpful around the house. Cat Care To help prevent hairballs add a teaspoon of olive oil to your cat’s food.  It can also help provide a shiny coat. Fix a Squeaky Hinge [...]

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Sumac Spice

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Sumac Spice Guest Post from Catholic Blog, Between the Linens Before the beginning of Lent, Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop offered to send me a bag of sumac, a Middle Eastern spice, in exchange for a post about the spice and our Catholic faith. Their mission is to bring the pilgrimage to those of us that can not [...]

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Camels for a Cause

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Camels for a Cause At first glance, one might be confused by this curious offering in the Franciscan Holy Land Gift Shop. What exactly are these peculiar rope creatures with a saddle. The Antonian Society Camels are only strange until you know the beautiful story behind them. HANDCRAFTED BY ANTONIAN SOCIETY ELDERLY COMMUNITY [...]

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Not An Ordinary Gift Shop

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What Makes The Gift Shop Special? The Holy Land Gift Shop is not your ordinary gift shop.  The unique and quality products sold there support a dual mission.  This mission consists not only of supporting the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, in Washington, D.C., but also their work in the Holy [...]

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