5 Ideas for Christmas Gifts For Catholics

5 Ideas for Christmas Gifts For Catholics

The Black Friday and Cyber Monday craze is finally wrapping up, but many people are still not sure which gifts to get for their loved ones. The abundance of sale items can be overwhelming, and if you are looking for a gift for a religious Catholic, they are probably not interested in wine stoppers, selfie sticks or picture frames. No worries, we’ve got perfect Catholic gift ideas for your special someone.


A rosary is nice and thoughtful (and useful!) Christmas gift for any devoted Catholic. But if they are so devoted, they may already have a rosary, right? That’s true, but one can have many rosaries and use them for different occasions. Plus, not all rosaries are the same. For example, in our Franciscan gift shop you can find rosaries imported from the Holy Land. Most of them are hand-made in Bethlehem from the local olive wood trees. Think that a rosary is too small of a gift? Combine it with an exquisite rosary case such as a mother-of-pearl box for a truly unique gift.


ShepherdChristmas Ornaments

What each family puts up on their Christmas tree is really a matter of personal taste and style. However, your Catholic friend or family member probably puts more meaning into the whole decorating process and what goes on the tree. To them, Christmas is more than a gift-giving holiday—it’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. Make it even more special for your loved one by presenting them with unique wood-cut ornaments from the Holy Land. Rather than being shaped like balls, these ornaments come in many different styles, depicting the nativity scene, the Holy Family, Madonna and child , and many other related scenes.

Olive wood crucifix with elements and standHoly Land Elements

Has your giftee always wanted to embark on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land? Maybe they will accomplish this one day, but for now you can give them something to keep them motivated a gift of elements from the Holy Land. We have several options, including crucifixes and gift sets that include Holy Soil from Jerusalem, water from the Jordan River, olive oil from Bethlehem and even Holy Incense from Jerusalem. With this thoughtful gift, you will bring a piece of the Holy Land to your loved one’s home and heart.

popefrancisprayerfrontPope Francis Memorabilia

Pope Francis has recently visited United States and it was a big event! If your friend or family member admires the Popes and follows his religious politics, they may enjoy a gift commemorating this recent visit. This could be the Love is Our Mission book, a commemorative coin, charm or rosary. We carry a variety of gift items related to Pope Francis, so feel free to browse and take a closer look!

Trip to the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC

Think about it: the experience of doing something exciting sticks with you longer than a physical item. If you can’t decide what to get for your devoted Catholic friend, offer to take them on a road trip to visit the Franciscan Monastery in Washington, DC. Established in late 1800s, our monastery promotes the care of the Holy Land and features replicas of shrines of the Holy Land. We welcome everyone, and we have a physical gift shop inside the monastery where your friend can select a memorable gift for themselves. If you want, you can even schedule a guided tour to explore the monastery, its gardens, stained glass windows, art, architecture and history.

Hopefully, we gave you a few Catholic gift ideas you could use, but feel free to look through our online store for other items that may serve as great gifts!

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